February 2020 — Spall Liner Energy Attenuating (EA) Material Development

Safe was awarded a Phase II SBIR program from the United States Army to develop a new, effective spall liner for combat vehicles. Safe’s new spall liner design will benefit vehicle occupants by protecting them from the hazardous conditions associated with combat, including head injury. Occupants of ground combat vehicles are at risk of head injury when the vehicle is attacked by an underbody blast and its violent motion causes the head to strike the interior. Occupants are also at risk from spall, fragments of material liberated from the interior wall of the vehicle by shock waves or overmatched threats. The design solution will be generally applicable for use in many armored ground vehicles, but it will not yet be specifically designed for integration into any particular vehicle. Safe’s design approach addresses all key technical requirements including head impact, ballistic, thermal, acoustic, and FST.

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