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September 2021 — Safe, Inc. Presented with Outstanding Small Business Award by Lockheed Martin Space

Safe, Inc. was honored when selected in September 2021 by Lockheed Martin Space as one of their 2021 Outstanding Small Business award recipients. Portion of 2021 press release is below:


Tempe, AZ – Safe, Inc., (Safe) was selected by Lockheed Martin Space as a 2021 Outstanding Small Business Awardee on September 16th, 2021, for providing exceptional support to the Orion Spacecraft Program.

“(Safe’s) support of the Crew Impact System provides critical services to the safety and well‐being of our astronauts,” according to Ms. Juanita Tavares, Director of Program Management and Subcontracts for Lockheed Martin Space.

Safe was one of only four small businesses to receive this prestigious award out of more than 10,000 suppliers to the global aerospace and defense firm based in Bethesda, MD.

The integration of Safe’s technology is critical to the success of the Lockheed Martin‐built Orion Spacecraft
which is NASA’s platform to return to deep space exploration by taking humans further into space than ever
before. The first mission, Artemis I, is scheduled to launch in late 2021.

According to Rick A. Smith, Vice President of Global Supply Chain Management for Lockheed Martin Space,
“Safe maintains excellent communication with their customer (Lockheed Martin), their suppliers and sub‐tier
suppliers to reduce issues at all levels.”

Full press release is here.

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June 2020 — Vibration Isolating Ergonomic Seats for E-2 Hawkeye

Safe was awarded this program’s continuation effort of SBIR Phases I and II under the United States Navy’s Topic N101-026, “Multi-Axis Vibration and Habitability Improvement for Seated Occupants.” The unique vibrations and flight characteristics of the E-2C/D aircraft cause significant crew discomfort, distraction, fatigue, and even pain. Safe will develop a new seat that will incorporate magnetorheological technology to help isolate the occupant from aircraft-generated vibrations and will optimize seating angles.

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May 2020 — Manufacturing of Face Shield for Explosive Ordnance Disposal Suit

Safe, Inc. was selected to manufacture and certify a face shield for an Explosive Ordnance Disposal suit made by NP Aerospace, Ltd in Coventry, United Kingdom. The work is in accord with the Face Shield Statement of Work supplied by NP Aerospace.

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May 2019 — Thermoelectrically Cooled Cushion for Dynamically Qualified Seats

Safe was awarded a Phase I SBIR program by the U.S. Navy/NAVAIR to develop a thermoelectrically cooled seat cushion to improve aircrew mission endurance and effectiveness. Effective cooling will prevent heat stress by limiting mission durations and reducing the detriment to concentration on mentally demanding tasks that reduces mission effectiveness. Safe’s innovative design will also address complaints reported by aircrew over back pain, inadequate padding, and loss of sensation in the legs with existing seat cushions by distributing pressure more uniformly across the body.

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May 2019 — Passive Occupant Weight Relief (POWR) Harness

Safe was awarded a Phase I SBIR program by the U.S. Navy/NAVAIR to develop a Passive Occupant Weight Relief (POWR) harness to lift the weight of the pilot’s survival vest and armor carrier off of the torso while operating the aircraft. Aircrew back pain is a significant factor affecting aircrew mission endurance and effectiveness and increasing costs for medical treatment and disability. A Design of Experiments (DOE) will be used to determine ability to balance upward load and aft load created by the harness. The POWR harness will not hinder egress and will not require any additional steps to egress.

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April 2019 — Next Generation Gunner Seat Selectable Profile Energy Absorber (SPEA) Production Kits

Safe was awarded a program by the U.S. Navy/NAVAIR to produce 530 MH-60S Next Generation Gunner Seat Selectable Profile Energy Absorber (SPEA) production kits and 50 spare SPEA production kits, with tasks including fabrication, assembly, and source inspection.

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