Safe, Inc. Presented with Supplier of the Year Award by Lockheed Martin Space

Safe, Inc. was honored when selected by Lockheed Martin Space as one of their Supplier of the Year recipients. Portion of press release is below:


Tempe, AZ – Safe, Inc., (Safe) was recently recognized by Lockheed Martin Space as a Supplier of the Year. The award follows on the heels of Safe receiving the Lockheed Martin Space Outstanding Small Business Award in 2021. Both awards reflect Safe’s exceptional design, manufacturing, and support of the Orion Program Crew Impact Attenuation System (CIAS).

Safe was specifically cited for its proactive management practices, superior quality of its operations, as well as its ability to effectively collaborate with its suppliers as well as Lockheed Martin and NASA. “Safe went above and beyond” in its preparation of engineering design support documentation, which enabled efficient review and ensured customer satisfaction.

The integration of Safe’s Selectable Profile Energy Attenuation (SPEA) technology is critical to the success of the Lockheed Martin-built Orion Spacecraft. The Orion Spacecraft is built to take humans further into space than ever before. Safe’s patented SPEA technology is designed to limit the force the astronauts are subjected to during an off-nominal landing of the Orion Spacecraft to a manageable level.

The Orion Spacecraft is part of the NASA Artemis Program which will soon transport humans back to the moon on the first crewed moon mission since Apollo 17 in 1972. Artemis I, with Safe-manufactured and tested CIAS units aboard, was successfully launched on November 16th, 2022 and splashed down on December 11th, 2022. The first crewed mission, Artemis II, is scheduled for 2024.

Full press release here.

Safe’s Supplier of the Year Award Certificate is here.

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