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December 2011 — CIMan Combat Injury Manikin

This Phase I SBIR program will develop an anthropomorphic test device (ATD) (also referred to as a “test manikin” or “test dummy”), which will be used specifically for land vehicle blast testing. The Hybrid III ATD was developed specifically for automobile crash testing and to quantify the types of injuries most commonly experienced in automobile crashes. The human response to blast insult is quite different, and consequently, the automotive ATDs lack biofidelity when exposed to a blast environment.

The initial effort will apply technology developed by Adelaide Test & Evaluation Systems for a Frangible Surrogate Leg to the upper leg, pelvis, and spine for a Combat Injury Manikin (CIMan). Safe’s ultimate goal is to develop an ATD that is biofidelic, yet affordable to use in blast testing.


Frangible surrogate legs for ATDs, Adelaide T&E Systems


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February 2011 – VULCAN Full-scale Prototype

NAVSEA has awarded Safe a contract modification to fabricate a full-scale prototype of the VULCAN (shock and vibration resistant stowage system) and to continue the Phase II SBIR development effort. Safe is engineering the VULCAN, a reconfigurable common cradle pallet assembly for use on the Littoral Combat Ship, to securely stow and transport the ship’s mission-specific watercraft.

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January 2011 – Crashworthy Troop Seat for Helicopters

Safe, Inc. has been awarded a Phase II SBIR contract to continue the development of a lightweight crashworthy troop seat for use in all Navy helicopters.

The 18-month project will produce a qualified seat, common to multiple aircraft, with advanced crash protection and troop accommodation features.

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January 2011 – Hypoxia Early Warning Kit

Safe, Inc. has been awarded a Phase II SBIR contract to continue the development of a hypoxia monitoring and warning system for use by pilots of high altitude/high-performance aircraft.

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December 2010 – Drop Tower Expansion

Safe, Inc. is conducting an expansion of its dynamic drop tower test capabilities.

This expansion will increase Safe’s ability to conduct accurate, repeatable dynamic tests while meeting various test pulse specifications.

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